How to Make a Tissue Paper Lantern:

This Workshop complements the Lanterns, Guernica and Picasso Display in the Allen Centre.


You will need:

Straight sticks from the garden
3 long sticks for the lantern frame
3 shorter sticks for the base triangle
3 short sticks for the top triangle
Masking tape for joining the sticks
Little pieces of newspaper to papier-mâché the joins.
Glue (wallpaper paste is good) to attach the
newspaper and tissue paper to your lantern
Tissue paper to cover the lantern
A tea-light candle or a little torch to put inside.

Let's begin....

  • Choose 3 long sticks. Wind some tape around the top to join them together.

  • Spread them out into a pyramid shape.

  • Make 2 triangles out of sticks and masking tape.

  • Make a big triangle for the bottom, a smaller triangle for nearer the top.

  • Slide each triangle over the top and down the pyramid.

  • Tape the triangles to the tripod.

  • Cover all the tape-joins with newspaper soaked in paste.

  • Leave your lantern to dry overnight.

  • Cut some tissue paper square to cover your lantern.

  • Glue the tissue paper onto the sticks.

  • Add tissue paper decorations if you wish.

  • Use 2 or 3 thicknesses of tissue paper to make a platform on the big triangle. This will hold your candle.

  • Leave your lantern to dry overnight.

  • Cut a little doorway in the tissue paper near the base.

  • Place a candle or torch inside your lantern.

  • Watch it GLOW!