What is philosophy?

It's when your mind runs away with you - Leah


If it runs away with you does this mean it's separate from you?

Where is away, I wonder ....


Island Reflections 1

Island Reflections Number 2 : Michael Rosen's Sad Book by Michael Rosen and Quentin Blake
Island Reflections Number 3 : The Big Orange Splot by Daniel Manus Pinkwater
Island Reflections Number 4 : The English Roses by Madonna Ritchie
Island Reflections Number 5 : Green Eggs and Ham by Dr Seauss

Art? If you can't see what I see, just wear my glasses - Elizabeth


Open the gate..... If what you see is what you get...why can't you judge a book by its cover?

For the next few weeks a group of senior students will escape the ordered structure of the classroom and step into

an other-world of tangled Island-thinking. Hidden in the tangle are crystals of perception, revealed from shady avenues

running through their minds. This week, and unbeknownst to them, they landed in the field of aesthetics....


Reflecting on Ish by Peter Reynolds

(Yes, it's in the Library)


Ramon LOVES drawing “anytime, anything, anywhere”.

But his pleasure evaporates when his older brother Leon points and laughs at Ramon’s drawing of a vase of flowers.

Ramon's delight and enjoyment suddenly turns into frustration and shame.

He tries again and again to make his drawings “look right” and eventually gives up in anger.

However, Ramon’s feelings toward his art work changes again when he finds that his younger sister Marisol

had been sneaking his crumpled drawings into her room and hanging them on her wall.

Leon burst out laughing. "What is that?" he asked

Students wondered...

How do we judge if a painting is good?
Does art have to look real to be considered good?
What do we mean by real?
What do we mean by art?
Is improvement important?
Can something be perfect or even need to be perfect?
Should Leon have kept his scorn to himself if it hurt Ramon's feelings?
When we "wear our heart on our sleeve" does it matter?
How important is other people's judgement in shaping what we do?
Are we still creative if we alter what we do to suit others?
Does creativity matter?

Our Reflections on Their Reflections

Dear Peggy

I was trying to remember some of the definitions of philosophy they started with, but it was such a deluge,
and there's a hole in my brain bucket. Something about "letting your mind run away with you..."
There were some very interesting drops...
Lily had the idea that the consequence of wearing your heart on your sleeve is
that it "gets bumped around" (I love the way her interpretation of the expression seems
to be related to vulnerable positioning...I always assumed it was to do with not letting other
people see it...ooh, and what does that reveal about me!?)
Leah reflected that when we use the same word for something (e.g. the colour pink), that doesn't
necessarily mean we are seeing the same thing.
Elizabeth expressed the notion of 'seeing' things imaginatively or emotionally (still using the concept
of 'sight' but recognising that there is something else going on between reality and our perception of it)
and Leah thought that perhaps things are 'really' black, or without outlines, but the way our eyes work means
we see the world with colour and outline
Toni wondered about using grass to make green paint, to paint grass...(something interesting there
about the relationship between the world and our representations of it)
Hmm... they seem to be questioning the relationship between the world, our perception of it, and our
representation of those perceptions...interesting...

See you next week,