When your Google keyword search leads

to millions of sites and you don't know where to begin,

learn to Boolify!


Find just what you want...

Learn to use And Not and Or in your Keyword search

to narrow down your results

from millions of sites to hundreds

Learn to Boolify here

How to Play the Game:

To begin: Drag a green keyword piece from the puzzle menu to the puzzle board.

external image green.png
  • Entering a word will add a keyword to the search

  • Entering several words will add a keyphrase to the search

external image blue.png
  • And is used to link keywords.

  • It narrows search results to only those that contain all the linked terms.

  • Example: cat AND mouse AND cheese gives results that contain all three terms, not just one or two.

external image red.png
  • NOT is used to indicate which results you DON'T want in your search.

  • You must use NOT next to each keyword you don't want included.

  • Example: Dolphins NOT fish NOT marine NOT mammal gives results that contain Dolphins, except those that ALSO contain fish or mammal or marine.

external image yellow.png
  • OR is used for several possible keyword combinations you want

  • You must use OR next to each keyword combination you want

  • Example: dog OR cat gives you results that contain either term.


  • The order in which you use operators (AND, OR, NOT) makes a difference.

  • OR should usually be used before AND

  • Example: dog OR cat AND nutrition gives you results about nutrition for dogs or cats.

  • While: nutrition AND dog OR cat gives you results about nutrition for dogs as well as results about cats (not just nutrition).

external image container4.png
  • Drag and drop items from the board to the trashcan to remove them from your search

  • Refine your search by dragging AND, OR or NOT pieces to the puzzle.

  • You can completely clear the search by clicking on the "X" on the right side of the board.

  • Delete pieces by dragging them to the bucket icon.