3D Paper Magic

Paper, Scissors, Sculpt! by Ben Gonzales

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This stunning book is based on the Philippines Gupit-gupit craft

of scoring and folding paper into beautiful 3D shapes.

Choose a template and get scoring.

Don't forget to use the scoring mats provided!

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$2 Shop calendars recycle into don't-they-look-real 3D dioramas.

Apart from the calendars, strips of cardboard, double-sided tape and sharp scissors

are all you need.

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Also on display:

Photographs: Richard Sweeney's jaw-dropping paper sculptures.

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P1060867-1.JPG external image 142102786_20ed2d2bb5.jpg?v=0

UK designer Richard Sweeney takes your breath away with his extraordinary 3-dimensional

paper sculptures.

These intricately folded forms are absolutely striking in their clean symmetry and the shadows

cast by the curves and crevices.

Geometry has never looked so good…


Try a snowflake:

external image 180px-74621550_44bb79776f.jpg

or a Sweeney-fold:

external image 011.gif