How to Paint like Mondrian...

Mondrian (1872-19440 was a famous Dutch artist. His paintings use horizontal and vertical black lines to make basic shapes.

Did you know you can make any shape you can imagine from straight lines, squares and rectangles?

AND you can make any colour in the world from red, yellow and blue!

The Golden Rectangle is one of the basic shapes which Mondrian used in maney of his paintings.

Remember Golden Rectangles can make Golden Spirals and Golden Spirals are EVERYWHERE in nature.

Composition in Red, Yellow and Blue, 1942
Piet Mondrian, 1872-1944

Measure the print in the Allen Centre.

How many Golden Rectangles can you find?


How to draw Golden Rectangles:

Choose 2 numbers which are next to each other

in the Fibonacci series.

For example:

A rectangle 21 cms by 34 cms is a Golden Rectangle.


1. Use a pencil to draw a Golden Rectangle using

2 Fibonacci numbers which are next to each other in

the series. I used 21 cms and 34 cms.


2. Highlight the lines using black insulation tape.


3. Add some more Golden Rectangles of different



4. Outline them with the black tape. Your rectangles

may include the width of the tape.


5.Choose a primary colour to begin painting...

It's tricky to choose which rectangles to paint to make

your painting balanced.


6. Mondrian left lots of white rectangles in his paintings.


7. The finished painting... mine looked much more

balanced and interesting turned around.


Experiment with balancing colours