Balloons, Bubbles and Bouncing Eggs

Bouncing Eggs....

Cover an egg with white vinegar and leave it for a week...

Make a Bouncy Egg.....

Hmmm ...What's going on?

Find out here

Bubbles for Juniors - Click here


The swirling colours on a bubble ...

...tell you how thick the skin is.
Blue bits are thickest, then turquoise, magenta (pinkish purple),
gold and finally black.
The black bits are 40 times thinner than a strand of spider silk.
If they get any thinner the bubble goes...

Bubble World...

When light strikes a bubble, weird things happen.
Light waves bounce back off the outside and the inside of the
bubble's skin. The light waves crash into each other like waves
on a stormy sea. This transforms white light into fabulous,
swirling bands of coloured light.

The Allen Centre's GIANT Bubble Recipe....

  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup boiling water
  • 2 cups detergent (palmolive)

  • Dissolve the sugar in the boiling water.
  • Add the detergent. Stir well
  • Leave for 4 hours

No Wand?

You can make a bubble wand easily from 2 drinking straws.

Invent your own .... try twigs, cookie cutters, plastic lids
pipe cleaners, wire coat hangers, fly swatters... even your hands!

Make a Bubble Wand and some Bubble Mixture

Bring them to school and blow some bubbles.

If you can wave your hand, you can blow bubbles.

Make a Balloon Jet

or a Balloon Racer