Healthy Eating and Awesome Atoms!


Building with atoms - have a go!

Make a vitamin out of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen

and hydrogen.

These elements are inside you too -

that's why you have to eat your vitamins!


Scientist Jade building a vitamin.

Elements are everywhere!

In Space and stars,

In dogs and hair,

In fruit and nuts,

In chairs and stones,

In water, feathers,

Birds and bones.

How strange to think

We're just like Mars -

Born from atoms out of stars

Meet Arcimboldo...

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Arcimboldo was an artist. He lived 500 years ago, in Italy.

People loved his fruit-faces! So did King Rudolph.

So Arcimboldo painted this fruity picture of the King.

Hmmmm... do you think it looks like him?

Arcimboldo's picture makes him look more friendly

and interesting, do you think?

The King was not a good king at all! His kingdoms all ended up at war.


King Rudolph 2


Arcimboldo's King Rudolph


Arcimboldo's faces rule!

His art from fruit is very cool!

But look at ours - it's just as good -

A funny face all made from food.

A paw paw nose, a mushroom eye,

Open wide towards the sky.

Tomato teeth, a cabbage face,

Turnips, moss and ferns like lace.

A face so bright with garden fare

It gives our face a healthy stare.


Arcimboldo Workshop: Spot your Fruit-Face...

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