Dear Wikiwatchers,

Wasn't the story of Masada very grim and sad?

Remember how the Romans built that big ramp to fire their weapons into the fortress?

...and the Jews hiding at the top, thinking themselves safe?

Remember the huge fire at the top which burnt through the wooden wall?

How brave of the Jews, to take their own lives rather than be caught by the Romans!

Somebody asked me who won in the end...

Hmmm... nobody wins when there is a war.

Perhaps if the Romans and the Jews had respected each others' ideas they may

have been able to live peacefully together after all. What do you think?

Anyway I thought you would like to build some easy catapults to try and hit my model of Masada.

The Romans used catapults in their fighting.

Catapults are fun to make ... I wonder if yours will hit the target?

Good Luck!

-Mrs S.


Masada burning in the night...


The model of Masada in The Allen Centre...


Catapult 1


Catapult 2

You will need a hot glue gun to make both these catapults.

I have everything you need in the Allen Centre - just ask me :-)

How to make Catapult 1:

I used wide craft sticks instead of tongue depressors (doctors use tongue depressors

when they look inside your mouth).


Pile up 7 wide craft sticks and rubber band them

tightly at each end.


Take 2 wide craft sticks and rubber band them

together at one end to make the throwing arm.

Hot glue the bottle cap on top.


Slide the bundle of craft sticks between the other two.

Rubber band them together tightly any way you can.

Put a ball of blue tack in the lid. Press down the

throwing arm... FIRE!

Now for Catapult 2:

I used a little block of wood instead of a LEGO block - it seemed a bit of a waste of LEGO to me...


Hot glue a wooden clothes peg to a wide craft stick

Hot glue a little block of wood on top.


To make the throwing arm, hot glue a bottle cap to

a popsicle stick - leave room at the end of the stick

so you can press the arm down.


Hot glue the throwing arm to the wooden block.

Your catapult is ready to FIRE!

You can't hit the target? Hmm ... I wonder why?

Have you read this book?

The author is called Kathy Beckwith so look on the B shelf in the Library.


It makes you think...

One hot summer day Luke and his friends decide

to play their favourite game of war, using sticks for

guns and pine cones for bombs...

When a new friend doesn't wan't to join in and then

tells them he has been in a real war in the country

where he used to live, the other children start to see

their game as not much fun anymore....

Hmm ... I wonder what they decide to do?