Tim's Black Swan Egg

Tim brought this perfect Black Swan egg into the Museum recently. He has blown out the insides of the egg.

If you want to keep an egg and you don't blow it, after a time it explodes with a pop and releases a http://c1.wikicdn.com/_/2009051601/i/c.gifstrong,

unpleasant smell. Scroll down to learn how to blow an egg and how to check it isn't rotten before you put

your mouth on it!


Black Swan (Cygnus atratus)

Swan Words:

Cob = male

Pen = female

Cygnet = young swan

A wedge of swans = in flight

A bank of swans = on the ground


Nesting Facts:

Nesting happens in wettish, winter months.

4-5 greenish white eggs in a clutch

Incubation : 35-40 days

Fledging : 6 months

Cygnets ride on their parent's backs for longer

trips and into deeper waters.


Before Maori arrived, New Zealand used to have its own native New Zealand Swan. The New Zealand Swan is now extinct.

The Black Swans in the South Island were introduced from Australia in the 1860's.

How to Blow an Egg....


Use a darning needle to poke a hole in one end of the egg.

It is recommended that you start with the broader end, as

it has the air cell in it. Starting with the "pointy end" can result

in egg oozing out before you are ready.


Poke the needle far enough in to pierce the inner membrane

on the other side of the air-cell and to also pierce the yolk.

The yolk has a membrane around it as well and will sometimes

get pushed out without his breaking, which requires considerable



Make another hole in the narrow end of the egg, a little bigger

than the first (about 2mm inch; bigger for swan and goose eggs).


Hold the big (aircell) end up to your mouth and blow while you hold

the egg over the bowl. Once the egg is mostly empty, partially fill it

with water, hold the holes closed and shake it a bit to rinse the insides.

Then blow the water out again. Repeat a few times till the water runs

out clear and not frothy. Let dry.


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Candling Eggs


Is this egg rotten?

Candling is using light to see inside an unopened egg.

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